Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Envy: The Game...

If your familiar with Battle Soldiers, you should really try out Envy: The Game. It's a browser game that also incorporates the same elements as Battle Soldiers but no bugs here. It is also about zombies vs humans so if you dig that you will like it also. Plus, there's lots of things to do such as crimes, battles, training and exploring. Check it out:

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another browser game to try out is called Battle Soldier. For now i only know is that you're a soldier and you train a lot. And you can go to school, get a job, explore the city to get stars which you can exchange it generously for IQ stats (1 stars gives you 3 IQ stats) and you can do crimes. The best part is, every action gives you experience to level up~! So, people who dislikes having to attack other players are highly welcome to try this game out...

Click here to try it out.

Zombie vs Human...

Covering my next browser games is a game called "Dead Awaken". Its a game about a post apocalyptic world where zombies are fighting humans or the other way around whichever faction you support. You get to train stats and skills, search the graveyard for items and money, kill people or zombies. And when you get to a certain level, you will get noticed by some guild (they're called mob or hordes in this game) and they'll take you under their wing where you'll get lots of cool stuffs. And as an incentive, for every new day you login, you will get stats to train your character even more.

Click here to try it out.

Rogue Vampires

It's been almost a month since my last blog entry. Due to reason is i haven't found any new stuffs to do and secondly, the games which i played? Some of them loses their game play and I've been busy reviewing any new games i happen to find across the internet just to make sure that if you try it out, you wont be immediately disappointed. I start of with this one. It's called Rogue Vampires. Basically you get to train, search for items, and suck npc's blood. I like this one since your meters refills quite fast. It seems like full refill in an hour. So, if you got nothing better to do, every hour you can come to the site to check on your character.

Register here.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gladiatus Hero of Rome

This game is a web browser game and the gameplay is similar to Bitefight. However, the quest system is a bit tricky to me because it doesn't tell you which map can you hunt for your items and monsters according to the quest. However, you can just keep trying as your hunting points are replenished 1 every hour.

The merchants also replenish their goods in a given time. However, items which you gained through quest or hunting are not put inside your inventory immediately. There are instead put in a package which you can find in the upper left side of your control panel. Its a small box like icon. And then you transfer whatever you want into your inventory. I find this rather annoying.

Well, if you fancy this game a go, here's the link:
You're gonna hit my trap first...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Online Hard Drive.

Because we like to store things that can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection. This 4shared is nice and you can search for specific files from other users if they have it also.

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Trading Card Games.

Love Trading Card Games (TCG)? Love the online version of it? Well then, why don't u try this webgame then?

Urban Rivals

It is a nice TCG where u can actually level up your cards. It is even recommended by the

Well, it uses flash. And it has rooms to make sure the players levels are balanced and there are also tournaments and guilds. Do check it out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A new browser game.

Yeap. It's click and forget time again. This game is named Legend Online. I think the interface is nice. There are some shortcomings such as you need to always type in your login id. But i don't care because the interface is the nicest amongst all browser game i found so far.

Here's the link.

Well, i f you decide to play, enjoy then... :D

Here are some screenies:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reading manga online.

Got a lot of spare time? Love to read mangas? Then head on over to these websites for mangas. Onemanga offers online reading. Don't worry, it loads fast. While anip mangas offers heaps of mangas and lets you download mangas for reading with no scrolling needed. Choice is yours. Both are updated almost everyday. Both are free. :D

Love vampires and werewolves?

In this website, it's another click and forget game. You take either the role of a vampire or a werewolf. It's an ongoing war between them. I chose the vampires. You can train your character, upgrade your hideout, work, and hunt for victims. Good time passer.

Here's the link.

Oh yeah, if you click that you will be bitten by my vampire. But don't worry, just go ahead to the registration. No harm done. Just to help me gain some in game gold. ^^

CAF (Click and forget) games...

In this website, you build your town and upgrade it into a larger town as well as build more resources. Once in a while it's nice to come and check your growing town.

Click here for the site.

Love to play flash games?

Some people love to play flash games. Because these games are mostly small in size meaning fast loading time, playable in a web browser, can be saved, and thanks to technology, some of them have nice graphics as well as gameplay.

If you fancy a website full of flash games as well as keeping a record of your achievements. Consider it kinda like a game in a game since when u play the games, you will get points. Yeah it's not much but at least you can see progress...

Click here for the website.



Thanks for stumbling inside this blog. May you find what you need inside the pages of this blog. Happy reading and happy surfing.